BP Deep Horizon

If you or your business were harmed by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, you may be receiving a settlement than can create some adverse tax consequences.  This may be avoided with modest tax planning.

LRG Settlement Advisors, an experienced settlement firm structuring law suit settlements  for the benefit of settlement preservation and Tax savings. We are also one of the few firms Court approved by the Hon. Judge Barbier to handle these cases.

Why us?

BP will cooperate with some tax planning techniques but only through an approved broker who can navigate the rules set forth in the settlement agreement. We are your source in this endeavor as we are experienced to deal with the specifics of the Deep Horizon settlement in a manner that can change the tax effect of the settlement for you or your business.

Let us help you migrate to a LOWER tax bracket!

2015 Taxable Income Brackets and Rates

Rate Single Filers Married Joint Filers Head of Household Filers
10% $0 to $9,225 $0 to $18,450 $0 to $13,150
15% $9,226 to $37,450 $18,551 to $74,900 $13,151to $50,200
25% $37,451 to $90,750 $74,901 to $151,200 $50,201 to $129,600
28% $90,751 to $189,300 $151,201 to $230,450 $129,601 to $209,850
33% $189,301 to $411,500 $230,451 to $411,500 $209,851to $411,500
35% $411,500 to $413,200 $411,501 to 464,850 $411,501 to $439,000
39.6% $413,200+ $464,851+ $439,001+